Vegas: Shhh!

If you haven’t experienced Till Dawn Group yet, now is the time to let them plan your next event.  As an intern for Till Dawn Group, I have now been indoctrinated into their culture by planning and organizing my first Las Vegas event, on account of my 21’st Birthday.  The cliché of “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” will be upheld, however the fluidity, perks, and success of the weekend, MUST be disclosed.

Vegas with Till Dawn Group is the easiest experience one can ask for.  Although planning my own trip from an insider’s perspective, it was STILL extremely comforting to see the legitimacy and tactfulness of the whole operation.  

Upon inquiry for your celebration, you will be given several prime options for hotels, casinos, and resorts, along with pricing, rooms, and events nearby.  Drawing on this past weekend, I stayed in a hotel ON The Strip– with a remarkable view of the city lights, lavish pools, and tiny ant-like crowds of people.  The room was extremely affordable and I felt like a big-shot billionaire: drink-in-hand, gazing out from the towering hotel, upon the city, reflecting in humble contemplation of the world, as if it were mine to own.  

Aside from empowering provocation and morale, the night clubs Till Dawn had guest list reserves for were unparalleled: The Marquee, TAO Beach, TAO night club, The Bellagio, and Daylight Club.  Ironically, despite these major line-ups we were thoroughly exhausted and only made it to about half of the clubs.  It was like someone offering you too many fresh chocolate-chip cookies– you think that it cannot be possible, until you’re in a food coma, or in our case– walking around like deflated balloons; with confetti in our hair and our ties successfully unraveled.  At the risk of being obvious, night life in Vegas doesn’t end, and doesn’t need to.  The Clubs were top tier and the nights were unforgettable.

Till Dawn Group, my closest friends, and a tiny budget all miraculously synchronized and blossomed into the landmark celebration that is coveted by so many.  Memories last a lifetime, and depending on what stage of life you’re in, you need to take & make your opportunities and assure that you lived it the best you could have.  Las Vegas, NV for my 21’st was one of those life time trips. 

 Brandon M. Morrison 


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