College Students Flocking to Isla Vista for SoCal’s Biggest Party of the Year

This weekend, thousands of college students from all over California will make their way down to UC-Santa Barbara for the school’s annual Deltopia festival. Deltopia is an annual party hosted by students at UCSB that lasts all day and all night. The party used to be called Flotopia, and was held on the beach until 2009. However, due to the massive amounts of litter left on the beaches, the city closed the beaches for the day, which forced the party to be moved to Del Playa Drive, giving way to the name Deltopia. Each year students living on Del Playa Drive play blast music on their porches as thousands of people party outside their homes and in the street. Students move from party to party along Del Playa Drive, and the scene itself is a sight to see.

Last year, Deltopia attracted almost 18,000 people, many of which came from out of town. One Facebook page for the event already has 10,000 people attending. If you and a group of friends are going to Deltopia from SoCal, why not rent a party bus from Till Dawn Group? Till Dawn Group offers great rates on party buses. Not only will getting a party bus eliminate the need to find a parking space, which can be extremely difficult and expensive during Deltopia weekend, but it will also ensure that you and your friends get home safely. Till Dawn Group can also get great rates on hotels rooms, which means you won’t have to sleep on a dirty couch in one of your friend’s frat houses. Till Dawn Group can help make your Deltopia experience one you won’t forget!

Via: Santa Barbara Independent

By: Will Hyman




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